I am a community STEAM education Catalyst

This site began as Art Everywhere, a blog created because of my journalism background and love for art, nature, science and education. I wanted to inspire others to appreciate those connections. I just try to BE the reason someone else smiles. I continue to share positive original and collected images, writings, good news, events, and inspirational resources to nurture creativity learning locally, and appreciation of artistry in general.

I am a parent so I searched for creative recreational education for my kids. I became an advocate for integrating arts design to evolve STEM education. It is called the STEAM education movement many schools are implementing now. It is the re-integration of art back into America’s public education system.  Art funding was deleted nationwide starting the 90’s from public education as a result of budget reallocation to military and budget cut decisions convenient to a narrow funding to a STEM education focus. But subsequent research shows proof that the narrow STEM-only education priority nationwide, not only failed but ultimately back-fired.

I am a catalyst for expanding community access to recreational STEAM education — to nurture USA creativity through promoting eclectic connections between art, nature, science and tech education.  Let’s find ways for our kids to play in STEAM education conveniently by reviving our neighborhood and school/park/library rec center/museum community infrastructures. By sourcing and supporting innovative educators and connecting them with infrastructure and venues, I help integrate art design into STEM teaching.