Day: June 12, 2016

Nurturing Creativity Talent by Integrating The Arts into STEM Education = STEAM

The grassroots movement to integrate the defunded arts back into the USA public education system is called STEAM. It has been proven that integrating the arts back into STEM (science tech, engineering and math) education, will inspire more creativity and bridge the skills gap we now have as a nation. Infusing the arts into curriculum serves to attract and […]

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I am a community STEAM education Catalyst

This site began as Art Everywhere, a blog created because of my journalism background and love for art, nature, science and education. I wanted to inspire others to appreciate those connections. I just try to BE the reason someone else smiles. I continue to share positive original and collected images, writings, good news, events, and inspirational resources to nurture creativity learning locally, and […]

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