Contemporary artist Julie Zwaska Coan creates original artwork – equestrian art, landscapes and figurative work expressing empathy and the essence of the experience.

Commission her for Bespoke Art or choose from original paintings, prints and designs. Bring your ideas. Collaborate, bringing to life your imagination and passion. Watch your art experience unfold. Commission a custom piece for your home, stable, zoom room, office or as a gift. Choose from Portraits, Personality Sketches, Transitions, Classics, Ranch Landscapes, or the 1+1=1 Equestrian Relationship. Custom compositions can come to life on canvas, metal, wall mural, wearables or decor.

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Life is a ride
Swing with the rhythm, the valleys and hills
Channel the power
Guide the adventure
Ride with your mind
Enjoy the flow of your journey

As a lifelong artist, rider, spectator, entrepreneur, athlete, arts and education promoter, Coan’s body of work is inspired from a lifetime immersed and moving in nature. Life is a ride, and we all seek the rhythm and spirit of energetic progress….the canter, the gallop!

Her first love was equestrian art, however whenever “horseless”, she produces figuratives and landscapes in response to what is happening around her. In the moment, some places or views rivet her heart and imagination and won’t let go, until painted. She cannot help but stop and notice Art Everywhere – nature’s art – wherever she is running, swimming or riding. She collects and explores historical equestrian art and icons, noting change over time. She is exploring bold or subtle design and limited palette choices to depict milestones, transitions, and evolutions in learning and relationships.

Equestrian roles and relationships have informed her work — diverse and far-flung. From working pro bono for rescue ranches and university riding clubs, retired racehorse adoptions, volunteering, donating artwork for fundraising auctions, therapeutic riding, to owning and leasing, parades, shows, fairs, xc jumping, dressage and trails – always learning. She loves to keep doing it all.

Julie continues to promote the arts and education as a catalyst for recreational creativity growth. Artistic collaborative processes and design thinking are key to expression and happy minds, healthy community, economy and country. Her aim is to inspire everyone to make something better or create something new. Improve in your own way every day. Create, in your own way – whatever that is. Be makers. By making food for others, sustainable innovations, problem-solving for our planet, caring for all creatures , contributing to the common good. The intersections of these inspire a curiosity to venture out, to meet others who are different, desire to serve and a desire to care for our planet.

Nature. Get in it. Run paths, ride horses, bike or walk. Make it a priority – to help inspire more people to take care of nature’s own art around us.

Please let this site inspire your empathy with nature and support its creative force if not for you — for our kids and the next generation. Leave your path, better than it was.

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