Month: October 2015

Colossal Art is the best site for amazing out of the box creativity

  Re-imagining old buildings in new ways. Colossal  amazes me daily — poke around their site.  Colossal    and   This. New Mexico Art Caves — Livable Art Sculpted     more links being added

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Check Out My Favorite Inspirational Links for Creativity and Problem Solving

From the art of conversation for creative solutions, to global exposure for amazing accomplishments big and small. Here are some of my favorite resources: Colossal is always jaw-dropping for art, design and international visual culture. WorldCafe is a global conversational movement making a critical difference in communities, corporations, government and public institutions around the world–launch one […]

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Laughing Pony Rescue fundraiser "ride"

All Kinds of Volunteers Needed at Laughing Pony Rescue

Volunteer here to find out more. Keep up to date on Celia’s goings on Facebook or at the LP  Rescue Ranch website.

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La Jolla Library leads the way with a community lab — make this new idea in your neighborhood!

Biotech experiments and 3D printing labs at libraries? Oh my! Libraries are changing, some are adding farmer’s markets, many are hubs for job-hunters getting computer access — the possibilities for transforming libraries to create more vibrant neighborhoods are promising. Our local library has created a Community Lab to stir more interest in STEM subjects. Successful partnering  with local […]

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Feeling Creative

All my life, whenever I become aware of something captivating — every single time, I feel an irresistible feeling in my hands to draw what I see, paint it, record or photograph it, somehow make it memorable so I could share it with someone later. Especially since I moved to southern California and had a few babies and […]

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