La Jolla Library leads the way with a community lab — make this new idea in your neighborhood!

Biotech experiments and 3D printing labs at libraries? Oh my! Libraries are changing, some are adding farmer’s markets, many are hubs for job-hunters getting computer access — the possibilities for transforming libraries to create more vibrant neighborhoods are promising.

Our local library has created a Community Lab to stir more interest in STEM subjects. Successful partnering  with local biotech companies is demonstrated here.  I am so excited for kids to be able to have this kind of environment to nurture a lifelong curiosity about science applied to nature, technology in action, engineering methods and ways to apply math, that may bloom into a career. These will be some of the most lucrative future careers, so it is an important community asset to build.

Branch Manager Shaun Briley and I met with Ed Hildago of Qualcomm’s Think-A Bit Lab to inspire library planning. A hands-on lab, Thinkabit adds an “A” for art to the traditional STEM curriculum of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Taught at Qualcomm’s headquarters in Sorrento Valley, the coursework inspires students to be creative while they learn to grasp complex engineering concepts.

This successful example of library, schools and corporations working in cooperation for the greater good.U.S. Corporations to do something to help build the workforce we need for our country’s technical workforce needs of the future.  This library is a beginning of play spaces for creative recreational STEAM learning.

Share — what is happening in your neighborhood? Let’s get public and private cooperation on this between government entities, recreation centers, libraries, universities and corporations.  Every community has a different set of assets and resources.