Words, words, words

What does a toddler say when he reacts to a buzzing party full of adults.   “Words, words, words!”  he said, when he was three.  (He must’ve thought “What do all their words mean to me?”)  So young but so eloquent, I thought it said alot.  And now, as time proceeds, words are all I’ve got.  I’ll teach him what he needs to know to hit the jackpot.

Words start small but they get bigger. Seek opportunity, dream up ideas, imagine the best, discover your energies –create what’s next.   Time to be expert — 10,000 hours — the key is knowledge, skill &  prowess.   The “what, how, where, when and who?” are the work only you can do.  Joy and wisdom come, when you find love & your truth. Those are the jackpots of life.


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