What is Art?

This post has no image.  So is it not art? We use our world as a palette to express our instinct to create. Our natural drive pushes us to exercise our languages to express something in an original way and grow our creativity muscles, for many reasons —  to learn, become aware of more answers, keep life interesting and create ways to be more comfortable.   The purpose of this post is to explore beyond the human formalized Arts. I describe “The Arts” in detail in my education post to delineate STEM and STEAM education which integrates Art back into the mix.

We use primary languages like English, math, music and body language to explore our world and express ourselves. We use math, our basic language of logic for decision-making and problem-solving. Science uses math to chase, organize and create a body of knowledge about our world. Technologies are our tools. Engineering guides functional designs.

Art is the creative process and result of our languages — an original creation, expression and interpretation. Natural body language and disciplines like yoga, dance and sports exercise our body language expression for self-discovery, enhanced internal and external communication.   I consider sport an art form — expressing power, rhythms and natural effortless coordination, a dancer of any genre, the genius moves of my horse as he gallops crazy intricate terrain like its nothing, or how he moves to the music in a dressage Kur.

Our world naturally educates us if we listen and look and play with these languages to discover our unexpected creativity. Recreational education is natural. Schools are a human construct.

I find art not only in “the arts”, but in unexpected places so prevalent in our culture — expressed by people as clever design, clever lyric, song or comedy or pun, or a balance to technology, or in a sculpture, a beautiful interpretation of engineering, or performed as music, or  in an engaging presentation of ideas from a teacher connecting kids to feel abstractions –what real life will be like later…that is a communication art.

There is art in the astonishing views along the edge of our continent and why they are there, the meditation and curiosity of a path, the geometry and healing power of nature, and patterns that can call forth our emotions in the math of music.  I am constantly in awe of the gorgeous rolling green hills of landscape to my left as I drive on the highway.

Sometimes we forget that humans are an expression or creation of nature.  If you ever need reminding, this is where you can go for reassurance and inspiration…back to nature. The original Live and Learn school — teaches us in a recreational way, just as we go along,  every day. Animals instruct us in the art of communication naturally, tactfully, daily, artfully with simple, direct instinctive body language: lessons in logic, honesty, psychology and communication, therapy and humor.  Nature is art expressed by creation or the creator.


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