Socratic Programs to Ensure Common Core Math Success

Did you know that 27% of San Diego Unified School District students are failing the new Common Core math classes? Many more are failing to learn the skills that will lead to future academic success. Here are the top three reasons students struggle with Common Core math classes and what they can do with s set of special classes to ensure their success.


Top Three Reasons Students Struggle With The New Common Core Math Standards


1) Moving on without mastering previous material

During the school year, students are required to move on before mastering the current and previous material. This is a setup for failure. Common Core highlights students’ lack of fundamental understanding.

2) Lack of critical thinking and reasoning skills

Common Core requires students to go far beyond rote memorization. Students must understand and be able to explain the “why” behind the operations. This requires advanced critical thinking and reasoning skills.

3) Lack of personal connection

Common Core requires students’ full engagement. Students have a difficult time engaging without a clear personal connection to the value of the education they are receiving.

Why is traditional tutoring during the school year a limited solution?

1) Traditional school year tutoring is reactive

Students come to tutoring already behind in the material and without basic critical thinking skills. Tutors must focus on feeding information to their students to keep them up with the pace of the course.
2) Dependency

Students develop dependency on their tutors. Tutors do the thinking for their students.
3) Expensive

The traditional model often requires expensive one on one tutoring sessions.


Introducing Wells Academic Solutions Summer Socratic Courses

  • Prevents student stress by proactively building a foundation before the school year begins
  • Primes the mind for learning by developing essential critical thinking skills
  • Helps students to make personal connections with math
  • Develops independent learning and advanced study skills
  • Supports overall ability to learn in all classes
  • Provides a foundation for success on the SAT and ACT
  • Students who graduate from a Socratic course may participate in on-going Socratic group support sessions during the school year at a significantly reduced rates compared to one-on-one instruction

Summer Socratic Courses 

  • Students grouped by next year’s math course
  • August 3rd – August 30th (Two sessions per week. Eight 1.5hr sessions)
  • Max student/teacher ratio 4:1
  • Courses taught by Wells Academic’s Master Instructors
  • Days and times are set by first to enroll
  • Students must show a willingness to actively participate in group discussions
  • Cost: $450 (Sibling discounts available)
  • Need based scholarships

Individual Course (If the student’s schedule prevents participation in a group course, then the student may take the course one on one.) Register a group!

  • Eight one hour sessions
  • Flexible dates and times
  • $600

30% Discount: Register before May 20th.   15% Discount: Register before June 15th. Financial assistance available.

Interested in registering or learning more?
Contact us here or call: 858-551-2650  to reserve a free personal parent and child 1 hour consultation in our office, or for a 15 minute phone consultation call-back.


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