STEAM Education — a key prosperity engine in San Diego and the USA.

STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) integrated with The Arts is called STEAM education.  The wider appeal of arts integration attracts more students to STEAM careers, and the creative process retains them.

Why should we care about STEM/STEAM education?   Because of the US “Skills Gap”. The situation is summarized by USA CEOs well in this urgent article.

The STEAM approach improves problem-solving and critical thinking, by inspiring creativity and collaboration. The result is more students choosing STEM majors in college, retaining interest, choosing STEAM careers and getting hired because they are equipped  to compete on the world job market with better STEM innovation skills.

I have posted before about the STEM skills gap in our country.  This  local effort in STEAM education led by La Jolla public school cluster is one great example of how a school community can launch STEAM programs and run them effectively and sustainably in elementary, middle and high school.

We should care about STEM skills and STEAM education in order to help our students play in STEAM recreationally at younger ages, give them more opportunities to better visualize what STEAM careers might be like, and prepare them with experiences and skills so they can have a better foundation, make confident college major choices, and compete successfully to land a career in these lucrative fields — the top jobs of the future.