Spotlight on the “League of Extraordinary Scientists & Engineers”

This is a fabulous recreational education provider providing Science-ing: /’sīɘns-iNG/ verb., the teach-ing, experiment-ing, explore-ing, discover-ing, hands on do-ing of science. Science as the active pursuit of knowledge, not just passive memorization of science-facts.

“Our mission is to do our part to help San Diego educators teach young students to be THINKERS, CREATORS, INVENTORS and the next generation of MAKERS.
LXS provides hands-on “science-ing” to Pre-K to 5th grade learners by contributing in-classroom support for their educators — FREE to all schools and libraries.

Sharing knowledge not only assists educators to meet new and evolving standards, but also EXCITES KIDS’ basic INSTINCT to DISCOVER and LEARN and, most importantly, to THINK.”

In addition to the XLS science-ing website, check out their indiegogo page where you can see funding details.

It takes a community to EXPLORE, DISCOVER and ENGINEER a new generation of Critical Thinkers. Our talented team of Local Science, Technology & Engineering Professionals have developed in-classroom tours that are constantly evolving (as all good science does). LXS brings these passionate scientists and engineers right to front of your classrooms to provide exciting, hands-on exploration and discovery experiences.


Here is a glimpse into their calendar of events.  See more on their Facebook page.

25  FEB SMATH GAMEFEST 2016 — LePresa Middle School

04 MAR FREE “Science-ing” INSIDE OUT — SD Public Library Paradise Hills Branch

05 MAR SD Festival of Science & Engineering — Petco Park Events

23 MAR FREE “Science-ing” INSIDE OUT — SDPL Skyline Hills Branch Library



Last year, LXS had over 15,000 student contacts through unique classroom tours. Current budget constraints cap 2014-2015 scheduled student contacts at 22,000. They will be visiting over 30 schools, several public libraries, and many before- and after-school programs across San Diego County. LXS is gearing up to meet other science and engineering communities throughout the nation to provide valuable insight on organizing and being part of the essential community effort to support Science in K-5th grade.