La Jolla Library Collaboratory May 3rd 6pm, next event on biology, evolution, and climate change

Check out the La Jolla/Riford Library Life Science Collaboratory and 3D Maker Space.   Our hours:
Bio Lab: Monday 9:30-12, 2-6, Tuesday 2-5, Thursday 1-5, Friday 9:30-12, Sunday 1-3.
3D Printer Lab: Monday 1-5, Tuesday 2-5, Wednesday 11:30-4, Thursday 1-5, Friday 9:30-1

  • La Jolla Library Collaboratory is the link.  Next event on May 3rd is focusing on biology, evolution, and climate change. We are excited to hear Jeff McQuaid (JC Venter Institute) discuss these fascinating new results and we hope you are too!

Hope to see you there