Get inspired with stunning Mathematical Art

math art quote art  Mathematics and art have been integrated to create amazing things everywhere for thousands of years. The vast originality, persistence and precision it takes is jaw-dropping.

It inspires awe to browse a showcase of mathematical artists and examples from past and present. From ancient religious decor, to sculptural topology, origami, to modern computer-generated landscapes, tesselations, fractals, fractal pancakes and anamorphic art.  Check out these artists at: American Mathematical Society Art Images.

Bring it home with new ways to learn this summer with kids — from drawings to fractal pancakes — take a look at  10 Minute Math. Or dream of what is possible by viewing  the most recent entries 2015 Mathematical Art Exhibition.    See how a formula can create a pattern with the Schmidt Arrangement explanation and drawing.


More Resources from AMS  Galleries and Museums

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